“Feeling safe does not mean we have no fear, it just means we have some confidence to deal with what scares us.”  ~ Thom Rutledge

If you are seeking nutrition support for eating disorders including bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder/compulsive overeating, exercise addiction and/or mood disorders, you have come to the right place. Amy specializes in nutrition counseling for those struggling with food and body image issues and creates individualized recovery plans to help with metabolic issues, fear and trigger foods, weight correction and overall well-being. The treatment teams we create understand how difficult it is to integrate "normal" eating into your life after years of body image issues, disordered eating behaviors, losing touch with hunger and trying to correct nutrition deficiencies that lead to depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, hormonal imbalances, severe digestive disturbances, osteoporosis and other serious medical conditions if left untreated. When you call to make an appointment, please indicate you need an eating disorder consultation so extra time will be allotted for your first visit. Please visit the FAQ web page for rates and insurance information.

Watch nowA look into the lives of teens who have struggled with eating disorders and made it to the other side. So proud of all the brave teens who told their stories and I am so happy to be a part of this documentary made by an amazing high school student. She made this for schools, educators, families, friends and people struggling with eating disorders as part of her Advanced Studies.

Recommendations for treatment and support for eating disorders & addictions:

Creating a strong recovery team is essential to help you follow your food plan and learn healthy ways to deal with your emotions and issues that arise as you journey toward health and full recovery. Having a therapist and/or support group as well as a physician who understands eating disorders is essential when working with your nutritionist due to the complicated and personal nature of these illnesses. Professionals that work with eating disorders know how to treat the various medical and psychological issues specific to eating disorders, as well as how to help you feel safe and how to help you stay honest in your recovery. If you have tried traditional therapy and/or have been sick for a very long time, there is still hope.
The professionals that Amy works with on a regular basis include:

Arizona Therapists/Psychologists:

Lori Haas, LCSW: Tempe, AZ/602-332-4360 (Lori and Amy’s offices are in the same suite)

Join Lori for her Yoga Healing Group for Women with Eating Disorders in September. Email Lori for a flier and more information or the next group at: www.lorihaas.com

Heidi Melendez, MC, LPC: Tempe, AZ 602-391-6032

Arizona Doctors & Healthcare Professionals:

Dr. Peter Levins, MD: Scottsdale/480-663-9632

Keith Ginsberg, DO: Gilbert/480-355-8180
Dr. Kristin McCleland, MD/ 480-831-6800 (pediatrics)
Dr. Lara Yablonski, MD/480-831-6800 (pediatrics)

Web Links and support:

Something Fishy: www.something-fishy.org
Support and information for those with eating disorders and their loved ones

Mentor Connect: www.mentorconnect-ed.org
Teleconferences and articles from experts in the field, mentoring and educational information.

Gurze Books:
Books, articles patient and family support, as well as educational information.

Getting Started:
Just Eat
The Log
Surviving the Holidays
The Starvation Study

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