What will my appointment consist of?

Amy will design a healthy eating program based on your body composition, lifestyle and goals. She will explain your personalized plan in detail, as well as offer healthy shopping, cooking, family meal planning and dining out tips. You will also have the opportunity to ask any nutrition/food-related questions specific to your lifestyle and/or any medical conditions you may have. Metabolic testing, which includes a complete analysis of calories burned daily, body fat, total body water, muscle mass and healthy ranges for your body type is included with all appointments.

What is metabolic testing and how do I prepare for it?

Metabolic testing uses bioimpedance to read your body composition in percents and pounds of water, fat and muscle. It also gives your BMR (basal metabolic rate) so your daily caloric requirements can be figured into your personalized eating plan. Your body's set-point weight can also be calculated. This a a 5-minute test done by standing barefoot on a platform scale. No preparation is necessary, however, results are slightly more accurate when hydration levels are balanced so it is best not to work out right before the test. Overall, the testing has about a 2% error rate, very similar to underwater body composition testing.

Is health insurance accepted? 

Insurance is not accepted for nutrition services in our office and payment is due at the time of each visit, however, some insurance companies will reimburse you for your visit if you have been referred by your doctor for a qualifying medical condition. You must call your insurance company and see if you have any nutrition benefits. Sadly, coverage is limited. Please obtain a diagnosis code from your doctor and you will be given a receipt with the necessary information to submit on your own after your appointment and you can always appeal the insurance company’s decision based on our documentation.
It will be up to you to do what is necessary to get reimbursed, as a private pay provider cannot work directly with insurance companies. Your insurance company may provide you with a few nutritionists/dieticians that may be covered (typically those working in hospitals), however, you will not be provided with mealplans, metabolic testing, shopping lists and other resources as you would with a private nutrition consultation, which is why many doctors are referring patients to out-of-network nutrition counseling. Your visit with Amy Hall, CN is comprehensive and is for those looking for complete guidance on what to eat, and how much to eat based on individual metabolism, and nutrition education that you can incorporate into you busy schedule and family meal planning. If you do not have coverage, we can make sure you get as much information as possible to begin a healthy mealplan after just one visit.

What are the rates & fees?

Initial consults for general nutrition and doctor referrals range from $95-125 depending on the reason for the visit and whether you are booked for a 60 or 75 minute session. All eating disorder intakes are scheduled for an hour and a half at the rate of $140, with subsequent visits at 30 minutes for $69. Food allergies and special needs are $110 for a 75 minute session. General nutrition intakes are $95 for a 60-minute session unless there are complicated issues that you feel would require a longer session.

All intake sessions metabolic testing, individual dietary needs based on test results, a basic food plan and a complete evaluation of your nutritional needs. For some people, only 1-2 sessions are needed. Others may come for a 3-6 month program or as needed on a monthly or weekly basis while working towards their goals. Phone consults are available between sessions for those who have completed the metabolic testing as well as for parents of minor patients needing advice and information at the rate of $65 for 30 minutes. Packages may be purchased for continuing care, which reduces the cost of individual follow up sessions to $55. Payment is due at the time of your visit. Parents can pay for their child’s visit by credit card over the phone if needed. Depending on your insurance benefits, you may possibly be reimbursed by your insurance provider for your visit once you submit a receipt. Call to find out your benefits prior to your nutrition appointment if coverage is needed to proceed with your visit.

All new patients not referred by a doctor or therapist will be required to hold their upcoming appointment with a credit card. The card will not be charged unless you do not come to your appointment or give 24 hour notice to cancel your session. You may pay for your session by check, cash or credit card when you arrive. This policy is in place due to the amount of time blocked for each session (30-90 minutes) and our inability to fill your appointment time with another patient without adequate notice. 

How many appointments will I need as part of this program? 

Generally, patients will have an initial consultation and then be guided toward a maintenance program based on their individual needs, goals and or health conditions.  Some people need only one appointment, while others choose to make follow-up appointments or purchase healthy lifestyle packages that result in discounted appointments. It is best to plan for at least 2 visits 2 weeks apart to ensure that your plan is working, all your questions are answered, bloodwork from your doctor can be ordered if needed, and you feel confident making healthy choices in most situations.

What is the rescheduling policy?

Appointments must be rescheduled at least 24 business hours prior to the set appointment time to avoid being charged for the appointment. Due to the extended amount of time blocked for each appointment, this policy applies to both new and existing patients. Email notice is not considered valid notification. Monday appointments must be changed by the Friday prior. Business hours are 9am - 6pm Monday through Friday. Messages are not picked up on Saturdays or Sundays. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

What qualifications does a Certified Nutritionist have? 

A licensed Certified Nutritionist has a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree, as well as 2 additional years of undergraduate college education in nutrition, which prepares him or her for a board examination and licensing as a Certified Nutritionist. A CN must be re-certified annually with continuing education courses to retain a license and carry malpractice insurance. A Certified Nutritionist differs from a Register Dietician (RD) based upon the program they follow after meeting their bachelor's degree requirements. The additional two years of schooling required to become a CN is in the area of alternative and preventive health practices. An RD must intern and complete a program through the American Dietetic Association at a hospital or other designated healthcare facility. If you are looking for a help with your diet for any reason, be sure you choose a qualified practioner with a CN or RD designation for your safety and well-being.


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