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                                                                    NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION:
                                                            Stop dieting and start living a healthy life!

The New Year is the most popular time to begin a diet or exercise plan, or get back on the road to recovery from an eating disorder or other illness related to diet and nutrition. By the time people seek out a nutritionist for a personalized nutrition plan, they have tried every diet or recovery method imaginable, yet still don’t know “how” to eat. Sure, weight may come off fast with a fad diet, the 500-calorie a day HCG diet or even a less extreme plan like Weight Watchers. But for most people, the weight comes back because all of those lower a person’s metabolic rate, so when the diet is over,  even with normal, healthy eating, the weight comes right back. Food and nutrition accounts for 80% of weight loss, exercise is 15% and genetics is 5%. If you are going to start an exercise plan, a nutrition plan must accompany it or the weight loss will be short lived. People think they must be gaining muscle because they aren’t losing weight, when in reality, it takes months to build even a few pounds of muscle. And for those who have an injury or illness that prevents them from exercising, weight loss is still attainable with the right balance of food. Knowing your own body’s nutrition needs is the key to reaching your health and weight goals and maintaining them, without needing to stay on a forever diet.

For those in recovery from an eating disorder, the last thing in the world you need is a diet! Your body can and will reach a healthy weight by establishing a regular eating pattern and getting your nutrition needs met whether you need to gain or lose weight, or are just afraid you can never maintain a weight you are comfortable with unless you restrict your food intake or exercise obsessively. It is only when your body and brain are being fed properly that any type of therapy can really work. Our bodies are smart and lack of nutrients (even if you think you eat enough “calories”) will cause, mood swings, depression, anxiety, apathy, obsessive thoughts, hormone imbalances and can even change someone’s entire personality to the point they no longer recognize who they have become.  It is hard to maintain the desire to stay on the path to recovery when you are depressed, anxious and hungry.

At Nutrition Cure, each patient will start by having his or her metabolism and body composition checked using a bioimpedence machine. From those readings, we will be able to figure out your personal nutrition needs to meet your specific goals and restore health, balance and energy. This is not a “diet program”, rather it is an individualized approach to nutrition and metabolic repair so you can achieve and maintain a healthy set point weight while enjoying  balanced eating at home and when dining out. If you are tired of fad and yo-yo dieting, not seeing results from your current healthy eating or exercise program, or are in need of metabolic repair or freedom from disordered eating or over-focusing on food and weight, you are in the right place.

Knowing your metabolic rate and body composition is helpful not only for determining food intake, but can also help repair health issues and support healing from conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, food cravings, low energy, chronic stress, food allergies, celiac disease, gastrointestinal problems, hormone imbalances, and more. In as little as two visits, you can get the information you need to change your body, your health and your mind. This will be the last time you ever have to “start over”.

For those suffering with an eating disorder, Amy has more than 13 years professional experience in this field and works with several top therapists and doctors in Arizona to create a recovery team that will allow you to heal from anorexia, bulimia/compulsive exercise, binge eating disorder and other related food/mood disorders.

No matter what the reason for your visit, you will be given grocery shopping lists, meal planning ideas, restaurant guides, and other material specific to your health issues and goals at your first visit. See the FAQ page for more information on nutrition sessions, including how to determine if your insurance will reimburse you for your visit. Nutrition Cure is private pay with fees due at the time of visit and does not accept insurance directly, however, some insurance companies do offer reimbursement if you have weight-related health issues or food allergies ,which you can find out by calling your insurance provider prior to making an appointment with Amy Hall, CN.
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Amy Hall, CN works with both adults and children with all types of nutritional needs. Nutrition services include education and personalized meal planning for weight management issues, eating disorders, diabetes, heart health, sports nutrition, childhood eating and mood issues, food allergies and other conditions that can be helped with nutrition therapy.

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